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Vacation in the Cayman islands!

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Luxurious beachfront condo on Seven Mile Beach is perfect for a getaway. 3 bedroom unit sleeps 6 people in 1440 sq ft and is fully equipped with all kitchenware and linens.

Great Caribbean views just steps from the pool and a beautiful ocean beach.

 Located on the ground floor at Tamarind Bay right next to the Marriott resort and its conveniences. Available from Mar 15 to 


 Nov 26 at $374 per night. To get  a 20% discount use the code "Options".

To book call 1 866-565-8297.

Go for the home runs with the Put & Call Tactician!

Only $9.95 for 3 weeks of the Put & Call Tactician market letter!

Swing for the fences with the Put & Call Tactician that selects cheat , underpriced Options to buy
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Put & Call Tactician 3 weeks!

Call 1-800-407-2422 or 775-588-3590. Or click on the button below.

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Put & Call Tactician 3 weeks!

$9.95 Paypal accepts credit cards

Call 1-800-407-2422 or 775-588-3590. Or click on the button below.

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Ken Trester's  Two day Option Trading Video Course Now Online for only $49 a $199 value!

This comprehensive video course is the ultimate in options trading. This course was taped during one of Ken Trester's two-day live training camps. It provides all the knowledge you need to successfully compete with people who trade options professionally. Learn specific strategies for stock, index, commodity and futures options. Much of this information is not available elsewhere. You'll learn:

" How to use options to buy stocks at bargain prices;

" Advanced strategies that let you win 90% of the time;

" How to hedge commodities and stocks with low-priced options;

" How to leverage minimal investment dollars into maximum profits and much more!


A New York stock broker who attended the camp said he learned enough in the first hour to pay for the course many times.

This material is recommended only for serious options students who can devote themselves to learning easy-to-understand professional techniques. If you are willing to make the commitment, the rewards can be phenomenal.

Ken Trester started trading options at the start of the Option Exchanges in 1973. He is the author of 5 books on options including the best seller 'The Complete Option Player".

He is the rare person that makes options very easy to understand and students have paid $1000's of dollars to attend his seminars.

FREE 45 min Video "Option Buying Secrets" a $99.00 Value

The Simulator

The Stock and Commodity Simulator is your true crystal ball that looks into the future. The Simulator simulates the price action of a stock, commodity, index or futures over a set period of time into the future. The Simulator will tell you what percent of the time your predetermined target will be hit before the expiration date. This input provides valuable information to your options analysis. Option MasterÆ does provide a Probability of Profit number. But this number is the probability of profit at expiration, not during the time period before expiration.

The Simulator tells you if a target price is hit during the time period before expiration. Here is an excellent way to determine what are the chances that a stop-loss will be hit or what are the odds that a profit goal will be reached before expiration.

For example, if you have a stop-loss on the S & P 100 Index (OEX) at 950 when the OEX is at 920, what are the chances the stop-loss will be touched before expiration in three months? Option Master's probability of profit tells you the chances that the OEX will be at or above 950 at expiration but does not but tell you the chances that the stop-loss will be touched before expiration. The Simulator helps you answer that question. The Simulator tells you the percent of the time the stop loss of 950 would be hit before expiration, much more important information when trading.

For option buyers or spreaders, if you set a profit goal based on the underlying stock or commodity, Option MasterÆ can again tell you your chances of profiting if you hold the option or spread until expiration.  But the Simulator will tell you more. It will tell you your chances of reaching the profit goal before expiration. This information is far more valuable in determining whether you have a good play. In some cases, the chances of hitting a profit goal during the life of the option are much higher than if you hold until expiration.  The Simulator is part of the OPTION MASTER software.

Institute For Options Research, Inc.

The Institute for Options Research, Inc. Web Site is rich with resources for serious options traders. Home of Ken Trester's Option Master, Put and Call Tactician and The Complete Option Player. Free options trading advice, information and newsletter service. We publish software, books, video and audio home study courses and newsletters on stock, index and commodity options. (From Ken Trester, nationally renowned options expert.)

We highly recommend the Put & Call Tactician! In fact, we are so confident that you will find this resource useful - we are offering a 3 week trial subscription. for only $9.95. If you are serious about learning how to make money with options, you will definitely want to check out Ken's option trading software (Option Master and the Push Button Pro), books and videos as well.

Our winning philosophy for the options game:


  •     Buy cheap, underpriced options (our pricing tables show you how to find the underpriced options).
  •     Don't go overboard; play the options game with a small portion of your investment money, a speculative cash pool that you can put at risk and still sleep at night.
  •     Beware of high expectations; if you expect to make big money immediately, you're in for trouble.
  •     Have a game plan; plan to buy a certain number of options every month, invest in calls and puts, buy only cheap, underpriced options that are close to their strike price, buy options that have plenty of time left in them, consider other pricing factors (supply and demand, liquidity, interest rates) when you can.
  •     Try playing on paper first; get a feeling for what can happen before you put your money and your adrenaline levels on the line.
  •     You can get started without much cash, as little as $300 - $500, if you have a good game plan and you stick to it.
  •     Learn and remember the basic rules of probability (we cover them); our system will still produce losing streaks and you have to be psychologically prepared to deal with that.

Not glamorous or filled with glowing promises, but it makes sense in light of what most options investors have learned the hard way.

We advise all readers that it should not be assumed that present or future recommendations will be profitable or will equal the performance of previous recommendations. Subscribers should recognize that risk is involved in any option or security investment. This publication should only be used by sophisticated investors who are fully aware of the risks in options trading. The information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but there is no guarantee it is accurate or complete and it should not be relied upon. It is a violation of United States laws to duplicate or reprint this publication for redistribution in any quantity without permission. Copyright 2013 Institute for Options Research Inc.

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